We develop and acquire profitable businesses, investing in new technology, facilitate procurement, consult industry, upgrade skills and build effective networks to support businesses through the highs and lows of the current volatile economy with an aim to sustainability and growth.

Our Team

With a team of over 20 high level professionals committed to adding value, we bring you access to some of the best business minds and resources in the world. Working together to create collaboration and opportunity within the local and international community, to expand your brand and business.


Hanuman Pandji

Founder of 108Monkeys Business Investments, Acquisitions & Consultants. With Over 30 Years as an Engineer, Business Investor, Procurement, Cryptocurrency Pioneer, Property Developer, Entrepreneur, Asset Management, Biotech Advocate, App Developer, Designer, Dancer, Published Author, Actor, Educator, Performance & Martial Artist, Human Potential & Resources Adviser, Breakthrough Specialist & Change Agent. Hanuman is ambitious, skillful, experienced, collaborative & open to a challenge.